Interests in Intelligent Architecture

Vivek is keen on exploring the aspects of Responsive Architecture,intelligent environments/ materials and emergent typologies those which will reconstitute the conventional notions of Urbanism and Architecture to a new level of engagement and inquiry necessitating the rethinking of the role of Architects and their contribution to society.

This interest is the continuation of the agendas investigated at the AA DRL where utopian design briefs demanded the questioning of the profession of Architecture and its readiness to accept the rapidly advancing communication technologies that are changing the way people live ,work and travel today and in the future global metros.

VSDP strives to be abreast with the future trends that will redraw the city and the profession so as to be equipped to respond to challenges in future markets.


The practice believes in approaching every project with a fresh perspective that incorporates the latest trends in design and engineering. It is supported by highly qualified and reputed consultants to execute its projects wherein time schedules and quality of execution become the testing parameters.

The work of the practice has been featured in National and International design magazines.

Partners in Europe

Vivek has been associated with Martin Hablesreiter and Sonja Stummerer, principals of the practice Honey & Bunny based in Vienna, Austria.

Martin and Sonja pursued their Masters at the AADRL with Vivek and were fascinated with the Architectural and Urban issues in their respective countries and decided to take the academic association to a level of exchange wherein cultural and social constructs in Europe and India have a relevant impact on Architectural and Urban environments and their required investigations.

The virtual collaborative initiative is called as transientdesigns.

Honey and Bunny can be reached at


VSDP consists of a young team of architects with highly intuitive skills who are keen on exploring the emerging architectural trends.


The photographs below occupy a very important place in every project that we are commissioned to do ,simply because we greatly appreciate the efforts and skills of these people who ‘make’ the project into reality.